Dinner out on the Town: Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering

Saturday night we went out to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. We ate at the most delicious restaurant, Whisk Gourmet.  It is very close to Sunset Place in South Miami, to orient you if you are familiar with the South Miami area. We all had the most amazing meals. What is amazing about this place (well what I really enjoy) is the dishes are HUGE! I know it is trendy and cute right now for restaurants to have little plates to “share”, but sometimes I just don’t want to share my food ok?! (Does that sounds a little caveman/primal?)

If you are looking for a new place to try with your honey or a new spot to go with your fam and friends, I definitely recommend Whisk Gourmet. So far I have been twice, and have not been disappointed. If you’re curious, I highly recommend the bacon wrapped dates and the fried green tomatoes as an app and the baby back ribs as a main dish with the cheese grits (oh yes, they have cheese grits as a side). That dish may be my top runner for “Last meal before I die” category. Oh and the desserts are also to die! I can’t tell you which ones to try because they rotate their desserts daily. Ok, ok I could go on and on about this place….just go eat there already! Not going to lie, I may have left rolling outta there because I was so full (and happy about it).

Here are some yummy pictures of the evening. Enjoy.



Let me know if you guys try it out! Do you guys have any recommendations for other tasty restaurants to try?

Love always your Miami Beauty Girl,