Review: Concealers and Brighteners

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Concealers are a girl’s best friend…

Especially for me at the moment. I have been going through a bad breakout, and concealers have not left my vanity or makeup bag this past month or so. Concealers are also great for covering those annoying under eye circles, especially after a sleepless night (hate those). Some of these products have been in my collection for a very long time and have been repurchased, and some are new but I have been loving lately. The highlighters/brighteners also work nicely too after concealing the under eye circles. I’ll explain how I use these products and why I have different choices. A girl’s gotta have choices right?!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This little guy has been with me for a very long time, and I mean a long time. I swear this must re-filling itself because I use this almost everyday and I still have enough product to last me probably another couple years! You only need to use the smallest amount on a blemish, and covers it up very well. I recommend this also for dark spots and any redness you may have. This with a little powder on top, and you are good to go! If you’re wondering, I use the shade NW 20. I recommend going to the store to match your shade if it’s your first time buying it.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes

This is the newest product of the bunch, but I have been really loving it. This does work well for covering blemishes, but it does a great job brightening the under eye area. I also love the applicator. You rotate the bottom of the tube and the product comes out on the little brush. It doesn’t come with a lot of product, but you only need to use very little. It also has SPF in it, so it’s great for protecting that delicate area in the sun!

Loreal Magic Lumi Highlighter

I have had this little lady for a while and I especially love to keep it in my makeup bag for those quick touchups when I’m out and about. This gives a lovely brightening effect on the cheekbones, under my brows, and around my cupid’s bow (the little curve right above your top lip). I usually like to also put this on top of my under eye concealer for super quick “I’m awake, even though it’s 6 am” effect!

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

This product is very similar to the Loreal Magic Lumi Highlighter, put a little more intense brightening effect and little more expensive. This product is also amazing to contour with (I am still trying to perfect my contouring skills, but when I feel proficient I’ll share with you guys what that is all about). Long story short, had to mention this as well because I love it too! The shade I use is in Radiant Rose.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

This is no joke the best blemish concealer I have ever tried! It completely covers what ever mess I have going on, and the best part is that it does not budge! It’s waterproof too. I have tried it out while I was running outside and during a workout, and it doesn’t move or change colors. I would imagine this does miracles for under the eye as well, but haven’t tried that yet since my circles aren’t that dark. ¬†They also have many shades at Sephora, so there is definitely a match for anyone.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

The best way to cancel dark circles under the eyes, is to use peach/orange toned concealers (the peach cancels out the blue/grey undertones from dark eye circles). This is definitely the winner in that category for me. I don’t suffer very dark circles, but when I occasionally do have those sleepless nights this corrector comes to the rescue! I highly recommend you guys try this one out! You only need to use a very small amount since it’s a pretty thick formula.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment

I totally forgot to put this one in the picture because it was in my purse, but I couldn’t leave it out of the review. This is an oldie, but a definite goodie! I have repurchased this product about three times. It is definitely my go-to concealer when I’m in a super rush because it applies so easily. Plus you can pretty much find it in any drug store, yay!

Hope this review helped you guys out a little when it comes to concealer options out there! I know it can be overwhelming. Some other things you can do to make those under eye circles less intense is try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep ( I know you guys are rolling your eyes at me) and drinking lots of water (8-12 glasses a day).

Hope you have a fabulous day ladies!

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  1. ashfsu says

    Thank you for the concealer tips. I am definitely going to try the Makeup Forever….I have been searching for a full coverage concealer for bad breakout days. Congrats on the blog….really enjoying the posts! =) – Ash Shepp

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