Confessions of a Newbie Blogger: Part One


I have been brainstorming about the topic of this post for quite some time now, but could never really put all my thoughts together. So I just decided to wing it and write from the heart. Obviously doing my blog is something I really love and enjoy, but unfortunately sometimes it has to take a back seat to some other things I have going on in my life. I am not sure if you guys know, but along with my blogging, I work part time as a Registered Nurse in the Labor and Delivery Unit and I am also going to graduate school to complete my Master’s of Science in Nursing. During the week, I have school and work all day so most of my pictures you see here are taken right after I get out of work around 7pm. I usually run home, shower, do my hair and make up and beg my dad or fiancĂ© to take my pictures. Yep, I have to beg two men to take fashion pictures of me. It is a struggle, believe me. I used to use a talented photographer to take my pictures, but that was not in budget as I am now saving up for a wedding and a home. Oh yea, and just in case you didn’t know, I am recently engaged too! So you can see I have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. As much as I would love to post every single day, I just can’t. My school work would suffer and that is a $40,000 investment I cannot risk (I am supposed to be studying right now, but writing this). Another newbie blogger confession, I am not yet earning enough money from my blog to use it as my sole income, as many successful big-time bloggers do. I hope to one day use my blog as a platform for my love for fashion as well as my love for Women’s Health and esthetics, as I do plan to also get licensed in all those lovely beautifying treatments (Botox, laser, peels, fillers) once I graduate! Ok so enough of all that. I hope I answered some of your questions. Not sure if you had any in the first place, but it’s all here even if you change your mind.

My promise to you is to post as often as I can, without having to quit grad school or my day job. I hope to inspire any of you guys out there hesitant to start your own blog. It is always possible. You just have to make it possible and set your mind to do what you love. That’s my two cents.

Ok so here are some tips for Newbie Bloggers like me that I have picked up along the short road I have traveled so far:

Tip #1:

If you want to start your own blog, I recommend you start by registering your own domain. I went to GoDaddy for that. I didn’t even know what GoDaddy was. I only knew it from the Super Bowl commercials. Yup that’s how clueless I was. I knew I just wanted my own website and I didn’t want to have the words ‘ or’ in the web address. I wanted to be a dot com.

Tip #2:

After I did that, that’s where it gets a little sticky for me. I first started my blog on Blogger, but was not happy at all with the cookie cutter designs they offered for the templates. After that is when my crazy research happened. I found out I could not figure out HTML coding. By the way, HTML coding is pretty much essential if you want a super customized look for your blog. So unless your are a web designer, most people don’t know “code.” You can google and YouTube it all you want, but I’m saving your time right now. Just trust me on that one. That’s when I went crazy looking for a web designer, and not just any designer, a blog web designer. I found with some trial and error, these designers are more savvy with how a blog should look and what the layout of a blog looks like. Trust me on this one. I’m going to move on to Tip #3 just to talk about web designers.

Tip #3:

If you google web designers, you are going to get very overwhelmed. At least I did. I knew I wanted a pretty blog and one that I knew how to work, but also not for millions of dollars. Yup, please be careful out there. Just like everything in life, there are people out there that want to take advantage of you especially if you know nothing about web design. I found out the hard way. The way I found web designers (after much trial and error again) is I visited my favorite blogs and scrolled to the bottom of their pages and usually their designer leaves a stamp. If you go to my homepage and scroll to the bottom you will see “Design by Jessica Krieger.” I do highly recommend my designer as she was so amazing and literally answered every stupid newbie blogger question I had. She is totally amaze-balls. But I do know she is a boutique company (aka it’s just her designing and not a huge company) so I know she only takes some clients at a time. If you do contact her, please tell her Miami Beauty Girl sent you and send her my love!

Ok so I think I am going to wrap up this confession session for now. I promise to continue as I do have some tips and tricks to share. Once again, these are just my opinions and I am by no means a pro AT ALL! I have just been wanting to share some knowledge with you guys since I remember how difficult it was for me to find any info on all this stuff. Google just wasn’t enough. Did I just say that? Yup I did. Oh well, hopefully I won’t go to internet hell. Bahahaha! I’m laughing at my own joke right now. Lame.

Hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you want more or I should just be quiet. Thanks for reading!

Photo above by: Bella Mente Photography


  1. Stefanie says

    Great post! I am getting closer to starting my blog and this post gave me reassurance that its ok not to know all that code language and still have a successful blog.

    Good luck with school, blog, work, and wedding planning!


    • says

      Thanks Stefanie! So happy to hear you enjoyed it! Definitely don’t need to be a pro at coding, but it sure helps finding someone who does! Wish I would’ve taken a class or two back in undergrad days! LOL! xoxo

    • says

      Hi Estephanie! Glad you could relate! I have been dying to share some of these tidbits I have picked up along the way! I am sure there are many more to come!! Thanks for reading! xoxo

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