My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks for Fall

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Left to Right: Brave Red, Brave, Viva Glam V, Creme Cup, Rebel (can all be found here)

You think I have a little obsession with MAC lipsticks? I do it for you guys! LOL! In all seriousness, I really do love MAC lipcolors because they really offer so much variety and they are solid quality. They really do an awesome job lasting for several hours and have awesome pigment. You really can’t go wrong with a MAC lipstick. I have building on this collection for many years, so don’t think this all happened in one day…I’m not that crazy ok?! Here are my top 5 picks that I think are perfect for the upcoming season:

Brave Red: It is just the perfect shade of red for anyone in my opinion. I think it also has a little tint of blue in it, because it makes my teeth look so white when I wear it! Bonus!

Brave: Such a gorgeous darker pink for Fall. I love it because it’s not too “girly pink” if you know what I mean. It literally goes with any outfit and any look.

Viva Glam V: This lipstick has magical powers, I swear. I have about 5 girlfriends that own it and we all have different skin tones and lip shades and it looks great on all of us. This lipstick just brings out the best lip color in everyone!

Creme Cup: Oh Creme Cup, how reliable you have been to me. This must be my third or fourth tube by now. Whenever I don’t know what to lip color to wear, this is the one I grab most. So pretty for Fall too because it is the perfect mix of soft pink and beige.

Rebel: When you want to be a little daring with your lip color but not look like a witch (especially during October), you might want to go for this guy. It looks a little crazy in the tube, but it looks fierce on! Trust me on this one. You will be wearing it more than you think. Just apply it with a light hand at first and you will not want to take it off.

So those are my Top 5 MAC lipsticks…what are your top picks? Let me know below! Be sure to check back for a couple cool posts I’m going to be doing on wedding plans! I have been doing some crazy research and I want to share with it you guys, so when it’s your turn you can have a little direction. Sure the internet is great at finding things, but what is hard to find are real-life reviews and opinions of things, so that’s what I want to share with you all!

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading! Talk soon ;)

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