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I’ve never been much of a hair girl. I know how to do the basics and that’s pretty much it. I have very straight and fine hair, so there’s not really much to work with. But when I find products that work well with my hair and don’t take away the little volume I have, I stick to it!

Here they are:

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I recently posted a picture of this via IG. It is literally my miracle in a bottle. I used to be one of those girls wasting my nights away washing my hair every day. NOT ANYMORE BABY! Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! I spray this directly into my roots, pat, pat, pat, brush your hair and you’re good to go! Insta-degreaser in 2 seconds flat.

Moroccan Weightless Hydrating Mask

I have never been a fan of hair masks fearing it would make my hair greasy and heavy. But since I found this one, fear no more.  I discovered this one at a hair salon and the sales lady sold me…typical. But luckily it really did what she said. I’ve used it for a couple months now and I found a difference in the shine and texture of my hair. It is a little pricey, but you only have to use very little, so it will definitely last you a while.

The Wet Brush

Super random, but I had to throw this brush in the mix since it is a vital part of my little routine. Since I have fine hair, it gets very tangled. This is the best brush for wet hair, hence the name. Just love it. Go get it. You’ll love it too.

It’s a 10 Miracle Oil plus Keratin

This is the product I use after I have towel dried my hair and I am about to brush my hair. It is the best de-tangler (I really hate tangled hair, can you tell?!) and the best leave-in treatment. It’s a great protectant right before blow drying your hair too.

It’s a 10 Miracle Shine Spray

This is best topper for when your hair is all dry, ironed and you want that glossy hair just like in the hair commercials (how do they do that?). I usually spray this in my hands, rub a little in between my palms and distribute all over, especially focusing on the ends. This stuff smells amaze-balls too. Cha-ching!

Well that’s a wrap for tonight ladies. Tell me some of your favorite hair products and what works for you. Let me know if you guys try any of the products I mentioned too! I always love your opinions!

Love Always Your Miami Beauty Girl,


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