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Wrap c/o Kichu Wraps | Swimsuit Victoria’s Secret | Bag Mar y Sol | Sandals Tory Burch | Sunglasses Kate Spade | Bracelets Lucky Sage Shop via Etsy | Earrings c/o Culture of Cali

I am always on the hunt for unique swim suit wraps and coverups. For some reason, I have a really hard time finding ones that I love and impress me. When I received this wrap from Kichu Wraps, I knew it was some thing special. Kichu Wraps was started when the owner wanted to wear something long and flowy to a pool party, but didn’t want to be totally naked. We can all relate there! These wraps are like chameleons. You can pretty much design your own look every time you wear it. Head on over to the website to see what I’m talking about. I decided to just leave it open with this look, because I wanted you guys to see the gorgeous airiness it has. I am in LOVE. It is definitely the most unique wrap I have ever owned. If you are looking to standout next time you head to the beach or a chic pool party, I definitely recommend you accessorize with a Kichu Wrap. I know you will fall in love too.

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