My Most Used and Favorite Make-up Brushes


I know make-up brushes can be very expensive, but having the right tools is key to your make-up coming out perfect. You may think MAC is the only option to buying brushes, that’s not the case anymore. Although they do have awesome brushes, there are less expensive alternatives out there.

The past couple of years, my brush collection has grown. There are certain brushes that I cannot live without and travel with everywhere I go (I was considering buying the same brushes again to have as a travel set but I restrained myself…cha-ching!). I remembering back in the day, applying eyeshadow with my fingers and having one face brush to do it all…oh how the times have changed. I am telling you, once you buy a couple great quality brushes, applying make-up will be an entirely different experience. I will show you which brushes I use every single day and I’ll give you a recommendation at the end if you want to jump in and buy a starter set for yourself. Enjoy!



Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush

Sigma is a company that has great make-up brushes for way less than MAC, but still have amazing quality. The two pink brushes in the picture are both from a starter kit I purchased, which is great for beginners. I love the E60 because its nice and flat which is great for packing on eyeshadow to make it nice and dense on the lid.

Sigma E55 Eye Shading

This brush is also great for packing color on the lid as well as applying shadow on the lower lash line. This one is a little more rounded, which make it great for blending as well.

MAC 217 Blending Brush

This was the first make-up brush I ever bought, which was many years ago and it is still in mint condition. This brush is a little pricey, but I feel like this brush is such a multi-tasker. This is the brush I travel with do my eyeshadow, because you can pack shadow and blend all with this brush. If you take of it, it will take of you, and you will have one happy family.



Real Techniques Blush Brush

This line of brushes are super affordable, and pretty easy to find. I always get lucky finding these brushes at Ulta. They have a different feel to them, because the bristles are synthetic. Synthetic means the brushes are not made  of real animal hair and can also be used to apply cream products. I use this brush as my powder brush. It is slightly tapered and fluffy at the same time, which makes it great for placing product exactly where you need it, like your T-zone or under the cheek bones for bronzer.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

I know what you thinking, “But you just finished talking about a blush brush?” You’re right I did, but this brush stands alone in the trophy department. I’m going to tell your right now, this brush is a hefty $52, but please make this brush a part of you (yes a part of you because that’s what it will become). This is THE most amazing brush to apply blush with. You don’t have to make funny faces or do the duck face to apply blush anymore after having this master piece. Bravo Bobbi Brown, bravo!

Sigma F20 Large Powder Brush

Perfect, perfect for applying bronzer right under the check bones and around the hairline without bronzer getting every where you don’t want it. It has a flat side to it, which it makes the contouring task a little easier, and not as “drag” if you know what I mean…



Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki

Now, if you have the patience to blend out under eye concealer with your little finger and dab dab dab the night away, then you may not need this brush. If you are like me and don’t want to spend forever blending, you need this in your life (life is short people).

Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter

If you don’t use highlighter, then you haven’t discovered your inner Kardashian alter ego. Highlight makes anyone have an ethereal glow even on the days you just don’t feel glowy, you know what I mean?! If you have no idea what highlight is, I’ll help you out and recommend MAC Soft and Gentle. This  little brush is great for highlight because it is tapered and applies product right on top of your cheekbone and cupid’s bow perfectly.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki

Applying foundation has become a much simpler task after getting this brush. No streaking and no un-even foundation ever again. I feel like a pro applying my makeup with this brush, plus it’s super soft. This is also synthetic, so it’s pretty easy to clean. Let me know if you guys want me to do a tutorial on cleaning brushes. Not fun, but the way I do it might change your mind.

As far as my recommendation for a beginner kit, I recommend the Sigma Make Me Classy Essential Kit as an awesome beginner’s set. I own this set and love it. It also comes with a very handy traveler case and you can use the same case as a brush holder at home. There are couple other gurus I follow online, and MakeupByTiffanyD has a 10% coupon code every month for Sigma Beauty. This month the code is FEB2014.

Let me know if you guys found this review helpful and if you add any new brushes to your collection!

Love Always Your Miami Beauty Girl,


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