Review Session: The Body Shop

Oh The Body Shop…

I used to get this place mixed up with Bath and Body Works until I ordered some of their products for the first time a couple of weeks ago and will most definitely not be mixing them up again!

The reason I stumbled upon them is because I wanted to try their bronzer that is highly raved about in the YouTube/Blogger world and when I went on the website they happened to be having a 40% off everything sale and free shipping…guess what happened after I saw that! Well I guess it’s obvious with the pics I have below…lol

Anyways, I have been absolutely loving all the products I picked up and will most definitely be visiting their outlet store in Sawgrass Mills Mall!

Keep reading and I’ll give you details about each of the products I’ve been using and loving! These guys have me wanting to take two showers a day! I know, I know…not good for the environment! I’ll try to hold back ;)

Banana Shampoo:

Who doesn’t love bananas?! Even if you don’t (there is something wrong with your DNA, jk :p), this shampoo leaves you hair super soft and manageable. I have super tangly hair, so when I use something like this I’m hooked! They also have a Banana conditioner, but they were sold out online…guess what I’ll be going back for!

Bronzer in shade 01:

I might sound a little exaggerated right now, but this bronzer has changed my pale life! It is the perfect formula when you put it on. It’s the absolute perfect shade for you girls out there with fair skin and all other bronzers make you look like you just brushed orange clay on your cheeks…ugh I hate that! There are also different shades for girls not as fair and want to give this a try! I want to go and buy more just in case they ever discontinue!

Mango Sugar Body Scrub:

One word: Delicious! It’s smells like I’m scrubbing a Mango smoothie on my legs in the shower, but in a good way! I use this before I shave. I have super thick hairs on my legs (is that TMI?) and this stuff gets those ingrowns up and away! (TMI again?)

Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator:

Now this stuff is a mini-microdermabrasion in a bottle! The granules are a little rough for me just because I’m going through a weird moment with my skin right now, but this stuff is no joke! If you are looking for an exfoliator that gets the job done, this is it! Wouldn’t recommend for super sensitive skin types though. Ye be warned!

Tea tree oil:

So many benefits with using tea tree oil, and I’ve heard so many awesome things using it for spot treatment so I grabbed this little guy. I really felt a significant reduction in my blemish the morning after and not to mention the scent was very relaxing right before I went to bed…thumbs up to this! I even put some on my pillow sheet it smelled so good! Namaste!

Well that’s enough distraction from my studying for one night! Hope you guys enjoyed the review and let me know if you get anything from The Body Shop!

PS I’ve been trying to learn how to spruse up the blog little by little, but so far I’ve made it into a dot com! Woohoo!

Have a great night ladies!




  1. Julietagar says

    Like your suggestions!! Definitely gonna try Body Shop. Had forgotten about that store! Ari’s hair can get very tangled. Thank you! Nice blog u have! :)

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