Sorry I have totally been MIA this week. I had a lot going on with school since the end of the semester is approaching. Thank goodness! Only three more semesters to go! Ok anyways lets’s get on with the review…

If you guys have been reading my last couple beauty posts, I have mentioned I have been going through a weird moment right now with my skin. So I have been attracted to products that claim to clear up my skin and make it “glow.”

Well, GLAMGLOW not only makes my skin really glow, but also it also shrinks my pores. I’m totally serious. GLAMGLOW masks are high quality products and totally worth every penny in my opinion. Now, I did get these masks back during Christmas time when they had a special deal at Sephora and got both masks for $69. They offered a full size of the Supermud and the Youthmud in a smaller size. Fine with me.



I actually love both masks. The Supermud is super duper awesome for people with trouble skin and want something to suck up all the gunk from your pores. Although I recommend getting a facial with deep extractions every couple months, but if you cannot afford facials or need a little something in between visits, this is definitely a great choice. I also love to use this mask a night or two before I have a special event. I feel my makeup even applies better after using the mask the night before.

The Supermud does the coolest thing when it starts to dry. If you look online, it is made with super unique charcoal technology. The mud literally sucks all the oil and junk out of your pores and you see it happening! Cool and gross all at the same time.



The Youthmud is also great for a pick-me-up or an at-home spa night. This mask has a built in scrub, so when you are applying it you are also getting a gentle exfoliation. The mask tingles a little with application, but tingling in a good way. The only think I didn’t like about this mask was the little pieces of leaves or plant in it. Not a big deal, just though I should mention it. This mask also does a good job sucking up the oil from your pores.

So if you are in the market for a new go-to mask that actually does something and works, I would definitely recommend you try these out. If you still aren’t convinced, you can also go to Sephora and get a sample to give it try at home. I promise you will go back and get the full size.

Let me know if you guys try GLAMGLOW out! Tell me what you think about it if you have already tried it.

Love Always Your Miami Beauty Girl,


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