Summer Sale at Henri Bendel!

Ok so I know I just did a Summer collage yesterday…but I just could not pass up the sale going on at Henri Bendel and had to share with you my favorite picks! HB has the best sales during Summer and Christmas and I usually take advantage because they mark down some really gorgeous pieces 40% off!  If you shop and are as obsessed  with Henri Bendel as I am, you know that’s an awesome deal. So the awesome thing about the above items is that they are all under $100. I really took the time to look at all they had on sale and selected what I thought was the cutest and prettiest. I really, really want a new bracelet and have my eye on that beach bag, which by the way would be $46! Can’t beat that for a super chic beach bag right?! I want. I need. What do you guys have your eye on?! Do you love HB as much as I do?

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