Tutorial: How to Get Beachy Waves

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I have been loving this super easy hair style lately, especially when you want to hide those not so fresh roots, if ya’ know what I’m sayin’. I also have very fine hair, so when I find a look that adds some volume, I stick to it. I also do these waves with a curling wand, which also works really well. I love how they last me all day. Even when they start to fall, they still look very natural and wavy. I’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to get these super easy waves, that are perfect for any spring/summer look.

So first I started out like this…thought I should let you know. Not happy with flat hair. Let’s change that. ASAP.

2014-03-23 03.11.55

What you will need:

Hair Spray ( I love TRESsemme

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hair Iron (I use a ceramic one by LIV, I bought a while ago at Sawgrass Mills Mall)

Flat Hair Brush ( I love my Wet Brush)

Hair Teaser Brush 

2014-03-23 03.15.42

1. First spray Dry Shampoo into your roots and brush it in.

2014-03-23 03.17.55

2. Separate your hair in two pieces.

2014-03-23 03.19.46

3. Go from the back to the front, so grab a piece from the back first.

2014-03-23 03.19.56

4. You’re going to turn the iron away from you two times until the hair is in front of the iron. Then you are going to go very slowly down the hair with the iron. The slower you go, the tighter the curl is. It may look a little Shirley Temple at first, but then when it relaxes, you get the perfect wave.

2014-03-23 03.20.45

2014-03-23 03.25.15

5. You are going to repeat the process until you get to the front pieces or if you have long bangs, you may want to drag the iron a little faster so it looks more natural.

2014-03-23 03.36.53 2014-03-23 03.36.59 2014-03-23 03.37.06

2014-03-23 03.37.21

6. When you are all done, tease the crown of your hair a little. Nothing too Jersey Shore, just to add a little volume on the top.

2014-03-23 03.30.13

7. Then lightly hair spray all over. Wait for the curl to cool down before you play around with them. To get the beachy wave, separate the pieces gently with your fingers.

2014-03-23 03.29.06

8. You’re ready to go!

2014-03-23 03.30.49

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and please let me know what other ones you would like to see! Please put pics on Instagram if you try out the look! Have a great week! xoxo

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Love Always Your Miami Beauty Girl,


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