What I Want Wednesday: Summer Hats

I am going to start a new series. Every Wednesday, I am going to post what I am currently craving and wanting. Not a hard task, since I always want something. First world problems. But I decided it would be fun to also share with you all what I have my eye on and what I think are the cutest options. Hope you enjoy it!

As many of you know by now, hats are a super hot accessory right now and also serve lots of benefits. They prevent sunburn, wrinkles and skin cancer. Ok, ok…I’ll step-off my nurse soap box now. But seriously, you can never go wrong with a cute hat with any outfit. I went to some of my most favorite and shopped websites and found the most adorable options. I recently bought the J. Crew Adore and lace eyelet baseball hats (which are currently on sale!). As much as I love wearing my University of Florida Gator Nurses worn-in baseball hat, I wanted a couple more Summery options. And the mint blue floppy hat above is “packable” so it is perfect to travel with. Have a great day guys and happy hump day!

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