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NPF Elyse pg

Do you recognize that girl up there? Yup. That’s me! I was asked by the National Parkinson Foundation to be their Team Hope model for their new banners going up this year and of course I accepted the offer…and what an honor!

If you guys are not sure about what Team Hope is…here’s a little more info and how you can contribute.

Team Hope is the community fundraising program for the National Parkinson Foundation. Through Team Hope, you can Run to Beat Parkinson’s and help NPF in its mission to improve the quality of Parkinson’s care through research, education and outreach. To learn more about Team Hope, please visit

You can also support NPF by running in the Miami Marathon. If you want to run in the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon on 1/25/15, you can sign up at:  Team Hope Runs Miami. For more details, please contact Sara Teeter at or 305-537-9951.

By supporting Team Hope during the race, you also are given the super cute singlet I am wearing in the above picture. Let me tell you, its the perfect top to work out in. I plan to run the Half Marathon this January supporting Team Hope. It would be so fun to run with some of you guys! Who’s in with me?!?! Let me know below if you signed up so we can meet up! Let’s run to beat Parkinson’s together!

Team-Hope-singlet        112dc3ec-1706-474c-983b-888d5d93c356




  1. Jean says


    I am registering for tomorow’s Run to Beat Parkinson’s Virtual Race, and am trying to decide what size singlet to get. Would you mind telling me what size the one you’re wearing in the picture is?

    Thank you for your time.

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