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Everyone likes having nice things, but it’s so hard to save when there are so many cute things out there ALL THE TIME! It’s especially hard when you are trying to save for a wedding and a house! I have had to change my spending habits lately. So when I see a designer item on a really cute blogger, I try to compensate by finding a similar look for way less! You’d be surprised how successful I have been! Above are the top items I have compared and contrasted. Pretty good right?! I mean if you can splurge on the stunning Valentino bag, more power to you! I just ask you let me borrow her, ok?!

Have a great day guys!

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Summer to Fall Transition


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Here in Florida, we really don’t have much of temperature change for Fall, at least not until November and December (sometimes). But I still love Fall styles and looking forward to adding some cute transition pieces to my closet. These are some pieces that I could still use in Florida now until we have a drop in the temp. I hope it happens sooner than later because we really need a break from the 100 degree days! I am really really loving the flowy dress and the black booties a lot. Hmmm…might have to save a little to make them mine. Please don’t tell my fiancé. Thanks. Have a great day guys and thanks for reading!